So … how much?


iPlatformance pricing reflects the value it delivers … great value, but probably at a cost less than you’d expect. And that’s largely due to the use of WordPress* as a Content Management System.

We’ll be happy to discuss pricing details after we learn about your business, your project, your expectations, your budget, etc. Info like…

  • A quick snapshot of your business.
  • What you’re wanting your website to do for your business … and why.
  • Who you’re doing this for: your market.

 To get started,

  • call (563.663.1796) for a quick, no-obligation phone consult OR
  • request our comprehensive Client Website Worksheet, complete it, and return it. It asks some basic questions about your company and project. With more information about you, your objectives, and your competition, we’ll be in a better position to know the scope of the project and whether or not we’re a good fit to work together. [Even if we don’t end up working together, you’ll find that the exercise of clarifying some of these issues will be a benefit to your business as you move forward with your web strategy.]

Interested in knowing how your current website is doing? Be sure to take advantage of a complimentary Website Analysis Report available, too. [A $100 value, it’s yours free for the asking.] In the Free Site Analysis, you’ll find some interesting and helpful information about the effectiveness of your current company site.



About-Pricing-KeysWhat’s WordPress, you ask? And what’s a Content Management System? Essentially, WordPress is the platform that supports your site, providing a system for managing your content. And because of its ease of use, it allows you — as a business — to take control of your online marketing. With WordPress, you’ll be able to make changes to your website without contacting a web developer and waiting on them. [Some examples: changing product/services, revising pricing, adding updates about your business, contributing to a blog feature.] You’ll even be able to host your own website if you choose to. I’ll tell you how. In other words, WordPress gives you the keys to managing your web presence yourself. You’ll like what you see.

Go to our WordPress page for more details. 


Other questions? Please email ( or call (563.663.1796).