Do-It-Yourself Graphic Design

These resource suggestions are for solopreneurs, smaller businesses, or even larger businesses needing to create time-sensitive graphics. If you need to create quick graphics, on the fly, rather than delay and rely on an in-house PR department or an agency, these options are worth considering.

Stencil is truly a daily favorite! With its options for transparent backgrounds and any-color-under-the-rainbow backgrounds, Stencil fills almost any need: logo creation, image-sizing, image design, social media graphics, pre-loaded fonts as well as the option to upload your own. A valuable and easy-to-use resource!



Canva is one of my faves!

There’s a free version as well as a paid version (Canva for Work). Free is all I’ve needed so far. Check it out here:

Watch Canva’s Simple Video Guide to Canva (below). In addition, they have an entire series of tutorials in Canva’s Design School that are editable and hands-on. A great learning tool!



PicMonkey is also a favorite go-to online graphics tool. I opted for the paid version … thirty-some dollars a year and well worth it. I like that it will create .PNG (transparent) image files as well as .JPG files.

Check out the details here:

Here’s PicMonkey’s Tutorial: Basic Photo Edits.


Snappa is another easy graphic design tool, allowing you to create amazing designs without the help of a graphic designer. Perfect for social media, blogging, ad campaigns, more.

Sign up for a Starter (free) or Pro (paid) account here:

Here’s their intro video tutorial: How to create an image in less than one minute.