Why I like WordPress so much

When I build WordPress sites for my clients, I’m enabling them to manage their own website without having to hire a professional web designer every time they need to make a small change. With just a little bit of self-training, a business owner can take control of their company’s online presence. It’s a beautiful thing … and cost-effective, too!


Why I recommend WPBeginner for self-training

In my opinion, WPBeginner.com is a misnomer considering the range of content available on its site. There’s information for the beginner to the experienced user. Starting with its 23-video series (see listing below), WPBeginner introduces the basic concepts of WordPress and how to navigate the backend (the Dashboard). Beyond the videos themselves, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources on WPBeginner.com. It’s worth signing up for access to the site and periodic email updates.

The Dashboard

This is a sample video of what’s available on WPBeginner.com:

More WPBeginner.com tutorials. Registration is free and easy and you’ll get access to all of the following videos. I highly recommend it. To register and begin, click here: videos.wpbeginner.com.

From WPBeginner.com: 

“WPBeginner WordPress tutorials allow you to extend the power of WordPress. The step-by-step WordPress tutorials are easy to understand and follow WordPress best practices. … These WordPress tutorials contain real-life examples, tips, and hacks that allow you to learn WordPress faster.”

  • What is WordPress?
  • WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
  • How to Install WordPress
  • The Dashboard
  • Posts vs. Pages
  • Using The Editor
  • How to Create a New Post
  • Post Formats
  • How to Edit an Existing Post
  • Using Categories and Tags
  • How to Create and Edit Pages
  • How to Add Photos and Images
  • How to Embed Videos
  • Using The Media Library
  • Enabling and Managing Comments
  • How to Create a Link
  • How to Change the Theme and Header
  • Using Sidebar Widgets
  • Building Custom Menus
  • How to Find and Install New Plugins
  • How to Add New Users
  • Helpful WordPress Tools
  • Settings and Configurations