Oops! Common Grammar Mistakes

I’ve noticed recently that quite a few people don’t seem too concerned about grammar, spelling, punctuation. Sometimes, I think it’s something that slipped by them in the earlier grades at school and they never went back to re-learn it.
The reality? They need to be concerned…. because as it’s been said, “The devil’s in the details.” Those who are reading your stuff (and know better) will notice and the impression that you wanted to […]

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Facebook Fixes

Facebook can sometimes be confounding: posts, profile photos, cover photos, image sizes, video, links, likes, shares, tabs …
It’s sometimes helpful to go Back to Basics. Here are four (4) reminders to help you optimize your Facebook presence.

Fix #1: Keep It Current
Fix #2: Organize Your Tabs
Fix #3: Customize Your Cover Photo
Fix #4: Use the Right Sized Images

Get all the details here in this Social Media Today article by Rebecca Her.
Now, that really wasn’t […]

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Will your website ever be finished?

Maybe it’s just me, but I felt validated to read this article. It affirmed what I do: I’m always tinkering with my website … adding a page, changing some text, fixing this, correcting that. It’s constantly evolving into … something better.
Entrepreneur.com article: “3 Reasons Your Website Will Never Be Finished.”
Contributor Joshua Steimle*’s advice? Never stop working on your website. Why?
1. Web design trends are evolving.
2. Consumer preferences are changing.
3. Search engine optimization […]

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