Supporting marketing collateral (print or digital) is essential for the brand identity of your business. Collateral can include business cards, business letterhead, email headers, blog post headers, newsletters, brochures, flyers, fact sheets about your company, products and services, price lists, gift certificates, and more.

Marketing collateral will help facilitate connections, educate customers and promote your business. Best practices for your marketing collateral: 

  • Facebook-Grammar-TestBe consistent. Use the same basic information in all of your collateral components, customizing it to the particular piece, whether it’s print or web-based marketing collateral. In other words, the same information you use on your business website can (and should) be used in your print collateral. For example, by using “About” page content (published) on your website on your company fact sheet, too, you’ll be repeating and reinforcing your message.
  • Proofread. Everything. Carefully. Before printing or adding any marketing collateral, make sure that it is error-free, in terms of spelling and grammar. Also, take special care to verify contact information: phone numbers, email addresses, etc. [If you need help in this area, I can help. My language skills are excellent, as “evidenced” by a recent Facebook Advanced Grammar Examination I took. :-D]
  • Know and understand your own in-house resources. Your business printer may be able to print professional-level print collateral very cost-effectively. For larger quantities, other business owners in your area may be able to recommend best local printers. 



Here are a few client examples:


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