You want a great website for your business.

You NEED a great website for your business.


A professional website that …

  • elevates your business above your competitors.
  • showcases your products and services.
  • markets your business 365/24/7.
  • establishes a great online platform.

More businesses (and organizations) than ever before are capitalizing on the power of the web because it makes good business sense. But when you’re in the middle of running your business, it can be a challenge to add digital marketing to your full Things-to-Do plate.

iPlatformance can help.

Using a full-featured, fully customizable website creation tool — WordPress — we’ll build a great online platform for your great business. 

For your business, this means using a versatile technology that will help you achieve your goals and more easily engage in social media. Because of WordPress’ structure, it typically performs well in search engines … and if you choose to, you can manage digital content yourself and minimize out-of-house costs. iPlatformance can:

  • create your corporate website,
  • write your digital content,
  • design your graphics,
  • optimize for basic search, and
  • train you to manage/edit your website content.


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The importance of a great business website.

No question. “In today’s information age of Marketing and Web 2.0 …” a solid website is now the foundation of any business. It has to be. [For more info about Web 2.0 and what it means, see below.]

Why? Because traditional advertising isn’t working anymore:

  • Newspapers. Fewer people are subscribing to — much less reading — newspapers. [Especially Millennials, if they’re part of your desired demographic.]
  • Yellow Page ads are becoming less and less effective. Online searches have become the go-to resource.
  • Television commercials are no longer seen. They’re being TiVo-ed and DVR-ed into irrelevance.
  • Radio ads are expensive and fleeting. [Poof!] And … fewer folks are listening.


What exactly is Web 2.0?

Source: O’Reilly Media.

It’s been around for awhile. According to O’ … “The concept of ‘Web 2.0’ began with a conference brainstorming session between O’Reilly [Media, Inc.] and MediaLive International.”  That was in the early 2000s. [You can read O’Reilly’s full explanation in the article, “What Is Web 2.0.”

For an overview of the concept, watch the short video below. Patrick Schwerdtfeger, TEDx speaker, and author, gives the backstory of the progression of the web and where it’s heading:

  • Web 1.0. 1-way communication. Website speaks to visitors. [Early to mid-90s.]
  • Web 2.0. User-generated content added: 2-way communication when your web visitors contribute comments, upload pictures, videos, etc. [Late 90s into 2000s.]
  • Social media. The addition of users communicating with each other. Now: 3-way communication. Examples: Facebook,Twitter, YouTube.
  • Bridging the online world with the offline world. Example: augmented reality. Mobile is a key component.