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    In today’s information age of Marketing and Web 2.0, a solid website is now the foundation of any business. It has to be. Because traditional advertising isn’t working anymore.


    Establishing multiple social media platforms can give you more visibility across the web ... driving traffic to your company website, the hub of your online marketing.


    Why do video marketing? With YouTube second only to Google in its use as a search engine, businesses need to add video to their marketing arsenal to stay competitive.


    Powerbranding your business across all of your digital assets can pay huge dividends in online searches. Potential customers will easily recognize you and your business.


    The power of graphics. Message-reinforcing graphics can enhance and amplify any business’s story by creating additional interest and engagement.


    The power of the written word can't be overestimated. Product and service descriptions allow customers to pre-educate before buying.


    Customized marketing collateral will help facilitate connections, educate customers, promote your business, and reinforce your message.


    One-on-one training geared to your specific learning interests and needs: website edits; social media; graphic creation; and more.

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I’ve noticed recently that quite a few people don’t seem too concerned about grammar, spelling, punctuation. Sometimes, I think it’s something that slipped by them in the earlier grades at school and they never went back […]

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Facebook can sometimes be confounding: posts, profile photos, cover photos, image sizes, video, links, likes, shares, tabs …
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