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Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook optimization can sometimes be confounding: posts, profile photos, cover photos, image sizes, video, links, likes, follows, shares, tabs ...

Facebook optimization

It's sometimes helpful to go Back to Basics. Here are four (4) reminders to help you optimize your Facebook presence.

Fix #1: Keep It Current

Fix #2: Organize Your Tabs

Fix #3: Customize Your Cover Photo

Fix #4: Use the Right Sized Images

And, of course, there's more. If you decide to dig deeper and elevate your social media strategy, here are two articles that will give you some details and approaches to consider:

"8 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page" by Ann Smarty. Smarty's view: "...too many small businesses do not understand how to utilize the platform properly." In this step-by-step instruction, she explains how.

"How to Completely Optimize Your Facebook Page" by Victoria Edwards. Edwards clearly (and expertly) guides you through correct setup and optimization for your Facebook page, in all possible areas, to get the best results for your business.

Now, that really wasn't so hard, was it?

The reality? It truly isn't that hard. But...

. Facebook and other social media platforms are constantly changing, AND

. when you're running your business every day, social media isn't always your highest priority.

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